The databases are organized according to the sentence imposed, and are available as an Excel file download:

File Description
Table 1 (All cases N=140)
The cases are further divided into three subgroups, based upon the sentence imposed.
Table 2 (The Zeros N= 43)
Cases where all counts of the indictment were dismissed (by the judge) or a Nolle Prosequi entered for that count (Nolle Prosequi (NP) means the State’s Attorney moved to dismiss the count at sentencing) or the defendant was acquitted at trial by jury or in a bench trial (JT=jury trial; BT= bench trial)
Table 3 (The Middles N= 67)
Cases with a sentence greater than zero and less than 41 years (sentences between 0 and less than 41 years)
Table 4 (The Highs N= 30)
Cases where a defendant was sentenced to a term of 41 years or more, up to a life term (coded as 98), the highest possible sentence, if not death

Note: There were no death sentences imposed and there were no capital trials in any of these case, although all cases were identified as death eligible murders by the State’s Attorney in Cook County.